Sunday, August 30, 2015

Friday, August 7, 2015

Plummy doing his thing

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Plueys boring week

Been a long week, Surfed the 2nd stop of the 2015 Sundiego tour made the finals and jumped from 11th - 2nd in the ratings oh yes , I should take the lead in the next event .
The 2015-2016 WSA tour starts up this weekend in San Clemente looking forward to defending my title .
Got a new Board for the comp amping i will try it tomorrow.
Other than that same old thing been training hard so keep your fingers crossed , Stay tuned for more killer things

Not to much at the moment but keep your eyes and ears open 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015



Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Happy Tuesday
Hope everyone is having an amazing day?
Well Pluey has done it again  talk about an amazing yr. And Amazing day . Today i Clinched my 4th USA NATIONAL TITLE.To go along with my 5th West Coast Title 

The waves were amazing shoulder to head high and Perfect .Its why i surf and compete to try and get that one event that has amazing waves .
It was a tough 25 min final ,I didnt get the balling rolling the way i had hoped ,I didn't get a good scoring wave to take the  lead till 10 mins into the final.I surf txt book style just trying to get the scores i needed to finally get the lead and relax a little .
Then with 4 mins to go one of the other guys got a wave and got the score to over take my lead by a  .10 margin  i had a heat total at that point of 10.45 and the other guy had 10.55 ,I'm a little angry at that point and think to myself that didn't just happen and no way am I'm going to lose this final ,and of course the ocean goes flat i now need a 6.5 to take the win,I started stressing and thinking  to come this far and not take the win would be hard and feel like all the training i have done was a waste .Then With 55 seconds left I see a set coming and i know i have to go on one of the waves surf my ass off an try to get the score.Im nervous as all hell but know its up to me to do what i need to do , I do a big turn out the back ,follow it up with a few more and finish the wave off with a snap on the inside.
Now with 20 seconds left  i wait to here the score and then  they tell me over the Loud speaker Paul you got a 6.65 its enough and you take the lead and the title  .Horn blows and i am now the 2015  USA National Champ for the 4th time .
I was so excited and over the moon, I though to myself did i really just Win ? They announce it again  your 2015 USA NATIONAL CHAMP PAUL PUGLIESI and i just lost it and threw my hands up. All that hard work the ups and downs ,Training had really paid off .Like i have always said   " IF YOUR NOT 1st  YOUR LAST "

I want to send a big thank you to all of you .If i didnt have your Help and Support none of this would be possible  A
I'm truly blessed and Beyond thankful and never take for granted anything .
SO Thank you again for all the Luv and support.Looking forward to the Next year and many more.
HERES to Another Victory YEE HA.

I wish i could say i get a break ,But lots more events coming up and Back to training for the NEXT WSA Season which Starts Aug .


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